5 Tips For Turning Customers Into Regulars

All businesses need clients, and many owners spend lots of time and money trying to attract new ones. However, it might be time to shift our thinking. Research shows that 40% of an e-commerce store’s revenue is generated from 8% of its shoppers. That means that 8% are repeat customers. Read on for three tips on how to cater to your clients so that they turn into regulars.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Your clients are busy people. Show them that you value their time by making business interactions as simple and efficient as possible. For example, be sure to provide an abundance of information on your company website and allow people to make appointments and pay there as well. If you leave clients wondering about what you offer or how to make an appointment, they will go to a business that puts information at their fingertips.

Even if your website is thoroughly filled with content, your client may want to speak to you over the phone or engage in an email exchange, and they should be able to. There’s nothing more frustrating than either not being able to find a phone number to talk to a real person, or sending unanswered emails.

Be Authentic

If you sell a product or service that others do as well, people will likely choose where or not to do business with you again based on the connection they have with you. Be professional, but be yourself. Let customers get to know you a little and get to know them. Learn what their specific needs are, do your best to meet them, and they will be back.

Go the Xtra Mile

Offer a free consultation. Pay special attention to how shipped products are wrapped. Send a follow-up email making sure the item or service was satisfactorily delivered. Do whatever you can to make your customer’s experience pleasant and memorable.

If possible, ask for client feedback frequently. For example, if someone has hired you to build a piece of furniture, send the email updates and ask what they think. They will appreciate being involved in the process, they’ll perceive you as some that’s easy to work with, and they’ll come back for more furniture.

Offer Value

Americans today are inundated with solicitations. We are solicited for our time, our attention, and our money. If your business can be about offering something, rather than only asking for things, you can set yourself apart from the crowd. Obviously, businesses have to make money, but there is probably something that you can give that won’t cost you anything except a little time. Do you use social media? Post articles and videos that you think would be helpful to your customers. Do you teach yoga? Make a short video class to send out to everyone on your list so they can practice at home. Try to keep a 3:1 ratio. Every time you ask for something, give three.

Show Gratitude

What goes around comes around. If you express gratitude often, your clients will feel grateful to be in business with you. Take every opportunity to say thank you. Be it in a card enclosed in a shipment box, a follow-up phone call or a social media shout out, let clients know that you appreciate their business and they will come back.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who has worked in eCommerce for the last five years.  She currently writes for Rakuten Super Logistics and recommends them for all your fulfillment center needs to further your success.

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